Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Me had banned from entering my doter religious school ground because me not wearing a tudung??!!!...
Me speechlees because the school had the fund to made such a huge warning signboard about “rules for entering school ground” but the can’t even produce a notice for substituting school for CNY, school close for CNY or any other activities involving the students and parents at the very least…
For example, this morning, the class were cancelled due to Maulidur Rasul preparation, there’s no announcement made by the teacher the day before??!! how me suppose to know that today’s morning class were cancelled and will be substitute in the evening??!!
So when I sent my doter this morning at 7.15am... the guard saw me sending my doter.. didn’t he suppose to tell me that school were cancelled instead just watching in silence??.
When I come to school at 8.45am (to give her Primary School bag and uniform and take back Religious school bag) before she goes back by van… (Me a single working office hour starts at I rely on a school van to sent my doter to my babysitter house)..
When my doter already comes out from school but the van still haven’t there,got wooried, I called the driver and she told me that the school today’s morning school were cancelled so she’s not working!!!.. bloody hell.. it was lucky coz I did call the van driver, if I just leave HOW???!! how my doter suppose to go home!!.. so today me half an hour LATE for work!!!... (there’s goes my 30mins salary)..

The conclusion is the school board so busy kepoh~ing with rules this and that but they forgot the most important thing!! the student education!!!.. if you really care for your student welfare you should print out and circulate a notice to parents about school activities and because of that activities the classes were cancelled and will be substitute on other time or day.. is that so difficult to ASK??..
And this is not the first thing like this happen.. the same happen for CNY substitute class.. my doter did absent that day and got scolded not absentees.. how she suppose to know when there’s NO announcement!!
So all the school fee that Ive paid.. where’s the money had gone too??.. to the BIG WARNING SIGNBOARD!!!...