Sunday, April 18, 2010

Missing me much??!!

Do u miss me ?? I do miss u, did u know that ?? i know that u know but u just feign ignorance !! ~ hate me much ?? may be u did hating me, for being an annoying person !! do i annoying u ?? i dun think so, i never checked on u at ur workplace although i know where u work !!, i did not bother u when u entertaining ur fren !! and i never complained to u even though i'm hurting inside !! ~ did i ever mentioned to u that since we in a relationship i cried every single day !! ~ i cried when u didn't return my call !! i cried when u said u meet me but did not !! i cried for each call n sms that i received r not from u !! and i cried for each day that passed and im not spend it with u ~

Im not asked too much, at least answer when i called or sms me when u r busy or 'miss call' me when u r too busy to talk, to let me know that u do think about me ~ is that so difficult to ask ?? seem rather impossible to u rite ??

Do u know that i stop crying for u this few weeks !! do u know i dun even care whether u call or sms me !! do u even notice that i never look u in the eyes anymore when u meet !! and i never smile to u anymore !! i want to smile like before, look u in the eyes like before but i just can't, not that i dun luv anymore but im afraid if i smile at u but never smile back, i will be hurt and my tears will fall again, i hate that !! and if i look u in the eye but u eyes were lying to me, im afraid i'll be hurt over and over again !! so i feign ignorance and give u a hefty laugh as if i am so happy that petty small things weren't bother me much !! as if ~ !!

I've been asking myself why do i keep hanging on to our relationship, there's nothing left to salvage, u and me are falling apart, each time i look at u that each time my heart break pieces to pieces and each time i try to patch it up but still it breaks ~ like a broken glasses .. cliche but true ~

Its raining yesterday... actually i wanted to cry when u r not showing to meet me instead i convey my teary eye to cloud and the falling rain represent my tears ~ i know that i've promised umpteen times that i wont shed a tear for u anymore but my heart rules my head ... ~

Missing me much ?? ~ i do miss u thou ... may u ur day r brighter than mine ~

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