Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Officially OVER ... ~

~ Finally i can wash my hand of u...~ u finally said the 'magic' word "let us be fren".. ~ and i replied "yes, if that waht u want then i oblige"... ~ no more tear for u this time, i am prepared... totally...totally prepared...!!

~When i easily oblige, u seem shocked, why there's no tears, no crying, no whining and tantrums??!!... ~ i am sorry to dissapoint u darling... this moment is not urs.. its mine to keep and let it be this way coz deep in ur heart u know, its not my fault but urs whom been neglecting and hurt my feeling over and over again.. ~

~ So when u said the 'magic' word... ~ the feeling is mutual, i hope theres no reget for u in future coz i will never forgive and give another chance... sorry darling.. once bitten .. forever remember...~

~ As i told u before that i've changed, im not the old me anymore whose too fragile and would crash easily at petty matters... i am much-much stronger now...~ for each wound that u bleed make me stronger than ever... so u better watch ur back, i am afraid if u trip n fall, im not there to pull u back up!! ~ ...

~.. this song dedicated to u darling ... ~ hope ur day brighter than mine... Here without u by 3 doors down

A hundred days have made me older, since the last time i saw ur face
A thousand lies have made me colder, and i dont think i can look at this the same
but all the miles that separate, dissapear now when im dreaming of ur face

im here without u baby but youre still on my lonely mind
i think about u baby and i dream about u all the time
the miles just keep rollin' as the people leave their way to say hello
ive heard this life overrated but i hope that i gets better as we go

everything i know and anywhere i go it gets hard but it wont take away my love
and when the last one falls when its all said and done it gets hard but it wont take away my love.. ~

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